Clinton Oklahoma Pound Puppies (& kitties)

A Group of caring people that want a better shelter for The City of Clinton Oklahoma. VOLUNTEER, DONATE even SUGGESTIONS. All are appreciated.
Heather Estrada
Heather Estrada15 hours ago
Owner surrenders their will be a fee to help offset any shots that are needed to adopt or send your pups to rescue. Sorry if this makes anyone mad but the funds that we use for shots could be used for a pound pup or kitty that needs urgent or emergency medical attention. If your animal is up to date on shots the fee is $15 not up to date on shots will be $30. We took in more owner surrenders last year than pound animals. Thank you for all of you that donate, volunteer, sponsor and cross post to help the pound animals. This is a tough decision but one that will hopefully help everyone.
Heather Estrada
Heather Estrada15 hours ago
These two are in western Oklahoma. The sheriff asked for help. Owner surrendered them over as going to be in jail for a very long time so they lost their person and are about to lose their life.

They have been pulled from the pound. They can be adopted once they are fully vetted. If you would like to adopt you will need to contact myself or Lacey. You will have to fill out an adoption app and home check.

The first one is a shepherd/catahoula, her name is Jasmine, 6 or 7. Had shots but not up to date. She is not spayed. Very loyal. her obedience is amazing.
The second is Midnight, she is supposedly full blood pit, she is under 1 year. Had puppy shots and that’s it. She is not spayed. She is very sweet, loving and will carry the biggest stick in the yard.
Amy Ray
Amy Ray23 hours ago
Update sky came home yesterday around t but still no sighn of my white shephered puppy

Missing from 1033 rd last seen around 10 am this morning i walk and drove for the last two hrs looking for them no traces of them plz if found pm me or call me at 5802750605
Heather Estrada
Heather Estrada2 days ago
Remember the puppy that was so sick found in the alley way that we thought had parvo to find out that he had a severe case of coccidiosis. He wouldn't drink or eat for days even at the vets office. He went to rescue yesterday after getting better at the vets. He is so cute and looks so much better. Can't wait to see him when he gets the weight on that he needs
Clinton Pound Animals Inc
Clinton Pound Animals Inc5 days ago
Sledge has escaped foster. Please keep an eye for him! If seen please call 5808190197 or 5803091881
Heather Estrada
Heather Estrada4 days ago
The lady from Love's truck stop spent last night with her 3 dogs in a warm room at the motel. We found out that she has been stranded there for a week. Her battery is dead and may need an alternator in which she won't have money til tues. She is in a room again tonight and is thankful. She was finally able to get a shower and get a good night's sleep. Thank you for the coats and blankets that were taken to her last night. They were all under the blankets using their breath to try to get warm. Don't know if they would have survived the cold night. We took her a plate of food tonight but sure could use microwaveable food or help for the room for a couple of nights til tues. She is willing to work to help earn cash to pay for the room. She can clean houses or any odd job. Please let me know if you might have anything to help get her by. PayPal is avail if you would like to help cover their stay. PayPal.me/clintonpounddogs